We don’t take a trip,

a trip takes us.

(John Steinbeck)

In Viaggio is a moment, a fragment of a conversation, a detail that is captured from the corner of the eye when the train passes by.

In Viaggio is a memory, that the mind has saved in one of his drawers.

In Viaggio are nine dishes with ingredients from all over the world that we treat with respect and restraint. With them, I will take you on a journey that leads through my memories and stories – past, present, future – to a vibrant sensory experience.

In Viaggio is food culture, it is love for good food; An innocent hymn, a ceaseless movement detached from its context, representing and defending it at the same time.

In Viaggio is not the destination,it is all that you take with you when you are off again.


In Viaggio is located in the heart of a charming Garden, in the center of Bolzano. Pass through the path, following the signs, then ring the bell and as the door opens the boundaries of space and time around you blur while you get directed to one of our tables.

Your journey begins.

InViaggio – Claudio Melis Ristorante is open five days a week ( closed on wednesdays and sundays) exclusively in the evening from 7pm (taking the last order at 8:45 pm) and only on reservation. You can find our restaurant in “Via Piave 15” in Bolzano.

Unfortunately, we can not allow children under 12 years of age to enter our restaurant. Dogs (even small breeds) are also not allowed. In Viaggio is an experience that is to be enjoyed in the appropriate atmosphere, which is why we also ask you to put your mobile phone on silent or to turn it off.

We have no official dress code in our restaurant. However, we kindly ask the gentlemen not to wear shorts or slippers.

In Viaggio – Claudio Melis Restaurant is a restaurant of the Esemdemí brand, its concept born out of an idea of Claudio Melis, managed by Claudio himself with the help of Monica and Robert Wieser. In Viaggio would however not exist without our staff members Davide, Carlos, Fabrizio, Paolo, Salvatore, Lucia, Gaby, Ahmed, Hiro, Lorenzo, Roberta, Valentina.

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